Based in a quiet Minnesota river town, Dakota Street Design LLC helps small businesses, non-profit organizations and creative individuals across the country get their messages to the public via online communications and print production.

Non-profits, educational institutions and small businesses call on Dakota Street Design for both short-term and on-going projects they don't have the staff to handle in-house.

Artists and musicians have the creativity to imagine what they want, but need help with the technical challenges of building a website or working with magazines and printers.

With more than 20 years' experience in non-profit and arts communications, founder Katryn Conlin can help you create content that your visitors will find compelling. The result? Professional, high quality communications that help you reach your customers and audiences with the information they need.





Katryn Conlin
              Cell: 612-229-5659
We can help you with:

print production

• CD design

plus copywriting, advertising, photography and more