Website maintenance...plan on it

Getting your website built may seem like a monumental undertaking. But creating a site is only the beginning! The real challenge comes with maintenance. Corrections and new information need to be posted constantly. Search engines decide which sites are worthy of attention by how recently they've been updated. Maintenance matters.

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Content Managed Systems

The solution is building your website on a Content Managed System (CMS). You'll be able to make your own updates by logging into your site from any computer, located anywhere, using any up-to-date browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Some degree of technical aptitude is required — content managed systems sound easy, but can be a bit complex to use. Dakota Street Design provides training and support, and can help you overcome challenges as they may arise. We also handle the on-going maintenance of websites for clients who don't have the time or technical inclination to do so themselves.

Cloud hosting

Bandzoogle, Squarespace, Weebly, … do these names mean anything to you? These are all systems for building sites that are hosted online. Developing a new site by adapting their template based systems can be surprisingly affordable. Dakota Street has experience on all of these platforms, as well as Drupal and WordPress.