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Dakota Street Design, LLC
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Frequently asked questions

How much will my project cost?
Before offering an estimate, we usually arrange a preliminary meeting to discuss the scope of the project, then prepare an estimate of hours and the cost range for the project. There is no charge for initial consults, which usually take 30 minutes-1 hour. Initial consults can be held in face-to-face meetings or by telephone.

A simple site, based on a content-managed template (such as this one,, can be surprisingly affordable. Businesses and organizations may require a more complex content-managed site with custom modules for sales, membership and event management. We work within a wide range of budgets.

Do you offer training for website management?
Whenever we build a site on a content managed platform, we include time for training in the estimate. Clients frequently like to work with their content managed website for a time, then schedule return visits for additional training and tune ups.

What if I need a domain name?
Dakota Street Design can assist you in registering your domain name with an outside provider and directing it to your website. You are always the owner of your domain name and website.