emily savage • rolfing® : beautiful, bilingual, responsive

Emily Savage Rolfing

Emily's a very inspiring young woman who has invested a great deal of time and energy in becoming qualified as a Rolfer® (see emilysavage.com if you don't happen to know what that is). 

Her new website is especially appealing because of its simplicity, muted color choices, and exceptional photography - all original photos from Emily's own travels around the globe. The site is built on a Squarespace template and offers a large image on each page which gradually vanishes as you scroll down - a lovely effect.

Because she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, Emily wanted her site to be equally available to users of both languages. We used a couple of simple menu choices to make her site flow smoothly between the languages. The home page offers 3 choices: home - english - espanol, with drop down menus to the navigation for each section. We added a toggle just above the footer to switch between languages, too.

One more item of note: Emily is of the generation that tends to view the web entirely from phones, in her case, an iPhone. Having a site that features responsive design is essential to her ability to communicate with her peers.