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Adding an RSS feed to a website with a blog is a no-brainer, but in this post I'll share some tips on how to make it work for the people who use your website.

Getting the feed delivered to your browser or reader

Depending on what browser you use (such as Firefox or Safari), if you click on the RSS feed icon below, you'll see an option to subscribe to an RSS feed in your browser.  You'll be able to place a bookmark that leads immediately to the news page.

But not all browsers work with this function; if you're using Chrome, you may get a page of meaningless code.

Besides, what if you'd rather get updates delivered to your email directly?

If you right click on the RSS feed, and select "copy link address," you can open up your email client (Outlook, Macintosh Mail or the like) and create a new RSS feed. Past the link address into the feed option, and voila! - you have a live bookmark your browser where the blog updates will appear whenever posted. Remember - you have to click on the bookmark to see the updates.

Feedburner supplies the rss code with additional options. Here's an example of the same feed supplied by Feedburner:

Getting the feed delivered to your email inbox

So - what if you want the update delivered straight to your email?

When logged into feedburner, click on the publicize tab, then look for email subscriptions in the left hand column. You can access html code for a form signup (as above) or a simple link to sign up for updates.